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Start jumping around in a rock band again
Welcome to Hoxton Music, my creative music outletI’ve created two albums in the past 18 months – Capital Living – a rock album based on my experience of working in major cities – and Pen In The Other Hand – an eclectic mix featuring funk, dance, rock and samba.

Check it out.
Michael Hoxton



My songs are firmly rooted in the rock category but like all good musicians my tastes and influences are pretty eclectic – from the Rolling Stones to Abba and Miles Davis to Chopin. I’m not the first to borrow Pachelbel’s Canon as a chord progression either. See if you can spot it.

Gotta Have That
(Jack Guy Remix)

Chase the aspirational.

Taste It (You’ll Love It)
(Jack Guy Remix)

Taste the summer breeze.

Red Diamond

A taxi driver longs for the affections of an unattainable lady.

Taste It (You’ll Love It)

Alienation? Pull down your walls and open up your senses.

Concrete Trees

It’s the morning after the night before. We’ve all been there.

Sliding Doors

Losing someone close and longing to get them back.

Bear No Witness

Looking for guidance through faith is cool.

Would You Believe

When a friendship is on the verge of becoming something more.

Worth It

Is it?

Unwind Be Kind

Life’s too stressful - please chill out.

Weekend Life

Are you a hamster in a wheel?

Become One

Party like there’s no tomorrow.

Two Souls

Finding the person you are meant to be with.


Will we ever learn lessons from war?


An indulgent personal anthem for midlife.

My Song

Young rebellion. What do you want from me?

Carpe Diem

Some people are just not meant to be hard workers.

Selective Attention

There’s a real world outside cyberspace you know.

Homemade Gift

The illusion of hotel living. Less glamour, more clamour.


The pitiful anger felt after a break up or loss.

Gotta Have That

Ostentation and commercialism get funky.

Weekend Life (Club Remix)

Beating the daily grind.

Become One (Radio Edit)

Pack your party bags people. Tomorrow can wait.

Feel The Soul
(Father’s Guitar Part 1)

Three generations of men united by their love of music.

Samba For Otto
(Father’s Guitar Part 2)

Like father, like son.

Step On Ride On

The sense of freedom you get on a summer drive with the roof down.


Artist. Musician. Author. Imaginer. (ha ha)

My earliest musical memory is riding in my dad’s car with the stereo blasting out the Stones. Music was always an important part of our life – the radio was always on at home. As a child I was something of a piano prodigy but I didn’t get on with the old lady who taught me and it kind of fizzled out. While at university in the early to mid-nineties I did a bit of DJing using my vast and eclectic music collection – currently over 500 vinyl records and countless CDs and downloads.

It wasn’t until 2006 that I made a serious commitment to the guitar and four years later I wrote my first song. In February 2012 I decided to start work on two concept albums and Hoxton Music was born.

Michael Hoxton is the alter ego of a corporate executive for a major global organisation. Not the usual rock ‘n’ roll background I know. I cannot commit to music promotion, gigging, touring, and so on. My business schedule doesn’t allow it.

But new music demands to be played out loud and shared. So I’ve collaborated with great session musicians to perform it for you.

Taste it. You’ll love it.


But that’s not to say it doesn’t have its uses! If you like what you’ve seen and heard you can download the lyrics and sheet music here.
Get strumming and singing.


Take a look at some of the gear we used to create the songs. As you can see I’ve a proud collection of classic guitars and if I was forced to choose a favourite (they’re all favourites!) I’d go for my 1969 Gibson Les Paul. It produces excellent sound quality as well as being easy to play. What’s more it’s a guitar with real character – it’s got a broken head, scuffs and scratches. It tells a story before you pick it up and plug it in.

  • 1952-Fender-Telecaster
  • 1956-Gibson-ES-5-Switchmaster
  • 1957-Gibson-Les-Paul-Special
  • 1964-Fender-Jazz-Bass
  • 1964-Fender-Mustang
  • 1969-Gibson-Les-Paul
  • 1981-Gibson-Flying-V-1958-Reissue
  • 1986-Fender-Stratocaster-XII
  • 2001-Martin-D-45
  • 2003-Gibson-Les-Paul-1959-Reissue
  • 2005-PRS-Modern-Eagle
  • 2012-Fender-Custom-Shop-Stratocaster-1960-Reissue
  • 2012-Hopf-Conservatory-I


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